Church History

On October 8, 1855, a small group of German Lutheran Reformed and Evangelical men, who had been worshiping with their families in the village of Strasburg, Ohio, met to organize a church known as “The German Lutheran Reformed United Evangelical Church of St. John.” At the time, the village of Strasburg numbered fewer than two hundred people. Also, in 1855, a frame building was erected on a lot directly to the north of the site of the current church building. The German Lutheran and English Lutheran congregations shared the 1855 building for forty-four years. The 1855 church building was eventually moved and still stands today as a private residence on Fifth Street NE. In the early years, worship services were conducted in both German and English.

In November of 1899, the first church building to be erected on the present site was completed by the St. John German Evangelical Lutheran congregation. This original building remains as the current church sanctuary. Over the years, as the congregation grew, additions to the original building and a parsonage were constructed. On July 1, 1943, the last German speaking worship service was held. On June 25, 1957, the United Church of Christ was formed from the union of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Church. Hence the name change to St. John United Church of Christ became official on June 1, 1972.

Strasburg St. John UCC is now a part of the Living Water Association, Ohio NorthEast, Heartland Conference United Church of Christ which has 150 member congregations that come together in the Holy Spirit to be the Church, striving to embody Christ in our 21st century world. Our Strasburg church prides itself in continuing to follow characteristics from the foundation of our church. We are welcoming, kind, caring, generous, open, giving, community-involved and mission-minded.